Welcome Year 12

This blog was a partially successful experiment last year in extending teaching, learning and collaboration beyond the classroom.

How successful, or otherwise it is this year will depend largely on the injection of new contributors from Y12. Keep a close and regular eye on here.

Resources will often be posted on the approriate pages linked in the sidebar to the right, while the main postings will be used to discuss language issues that crop up in class or elsewhere, and to set and/or help with homework tasks.

Don’t be shy. Jump in and contribute.

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2 Responses to Welcome Year 12

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    just thought id let u know that i found the general english resources site down the side quite useful….some pages were a little vague but it helped clear a few things up….thanks =)

  2. Mr Heald says:

    No problem.

    Some of the pages have very little there, and sometimes what is there is fairly specific to work I was doing with classes last year. My hope is that at some point during the year
    I’ll be able to put together a website hosted by school to gather together resources in a more organised format than this blogware allows.

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