The Language of Speech

Teaching Talk – AQA Guide – A neat summary of terminology and what to look out for in spoken data, written by a former chief examiner of the exam board specification you are studying.

Conversation Analysis – Summary – A great summary from Steve Campsall (of the englishbiz site) – includes a very useful one-page summary of all the key terms & concepts: perfect for revision.

Structural Features of Speech – a useful introductory guide, summarising key terms and concepts.

Features of Conversational Speech – PowerPoint presentation, as used in class

Conversation Analysis – another PowerPoint presentation, focussing on turn-taking and adjacency pairs.

Analysing Spontaneous Conversation – a simple 2 page summary

The Structure of Conversation – a summary of key frameworks that references a number of researchers and theorists such as Grice, Labov and Lakoff; it is more important to know the ideas than the names, though!

Co-operation, Implicature & Politeness – PowerPoint presentation

Oral Narrative Structure (Labov)