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Y12 Combined – Past paper question (Ross & Brosnan interview)

Click here for your next exam practice piece. Remember you only have about 45 minutes for this in the exam. Obviously, for better or worse, you have to use old-fashioned pen and paper in the exam, but if you want … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT: Warning about plagiarism

After a long evening’s marking & preparation, it is with a rather heavy heart that I feel the need to make this posting. Early in the course I warned about the seriousness of plagiarism (using the words or ideas of … Continue reading

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Gulliver’s Travels

I have added a few more links to the Pre-1914 prose page, including one to an excellent short online course. I very strongly recommend you all in year 11 to work your way through this. Depending on your speed of … Continue reading

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Y12 Combined group, as promised, that transcript is here:


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Film Language

If you want to find out more about how different aspects of film language are typically used by directors to create different meanings & effects, there is an excellent website here with stills and video clips to illustrate the techniques, … Continue reading

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Have M&S got fewer standards than they used to?

I went to Chester at the weekend and saw this remarkable sight: What’s going on there then? What’s the situation in Doncaster M&S? What about the supermarkets/shops that you use or work in? There’s plenty of online discussions of this … Continue reading

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Gender wars

Any thoughts on this recent (American) article? It’s fairly anecdotal rather than research based, but I think it’s quite interesting in the light of today’s discussion in Y12 Language class.

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If anyone wants to chuck in any comments on this one, here’s the place to do it.

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Girl Chewing Gum

I was asked by someone earlier to put a couple of extra blog entries in to separate discussion of the films. The comments sections below are getting a bit unwieldy, so that’s maybe not a bad idea. There are one … Continue reading

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Back in business: the language of speech / language and gender

I’m up and running again here, with the prospect of half-term break allowing me just to keep my nose above water, snorkel like. I will be collating some resources on the language of speech, discourse analysis etc which will be … Continue reading

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