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Adjacency Pairs

Y12 Eng Lang started looking at conversation analysis today. Y12 Combined will be there soon, and Y13 should already know this stuff. Here’s the exercise on adjacency pairs from today. (Thanks to Loren on the EnglishLanguageList for the presentation I’ve … Continue reading

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A post a day

is something that I’ve singularly failed to provide. Not like this fella: I can’t believe that I’ve only just come across the Language Log . This incredibly wide-ranging and learned blog is maintained by a phonetician from the University of … Continue reading

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With Great Pleasure

Most of BBC Radio’s broadcasts are available to listen to online for seven days from their broadcast, so if you want to listen to all of Jo Brand’s programme you can do so by clicking here.

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Lord of the Flies – Simon hears the pig’s head talk

Elsewhere, Emma-Louise said: “Sir, you still haven’t answered my question. I got completly lost at the part of Lord of the Flies when Simon starts talking to a giant fly. Is it a figment or not? =-S” Sorry Emma, your … Continue reading

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Year 11 Mocks

Don’t forget that there are some resources you may find useful for revision on the pages linked to in the sidebar, and on the websites in the ‘blogroll.’ You will  need your Anthology for English paper 2 and English Literature, … Continue reading

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Y10 Original Writing

Now for something completely different. I want you to do some writing of your own choice just for the sheer fun of it. I think we need a break from Lord of the Flies. So, if you have a burning … Continue reading

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OED ‘Word of the Day’ added

If you look over in the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve added a feed to the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day. If you click on the word, it will take you to that word’s entry on the OED site. … Continue reading

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Comma splicing

I think this is the most common, and in terms of losing marks the most serious, error that I come across in work at all levels. At GCSE, if you regularly comma-splice, you are going to seriously damage your chances … Continue reading

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Grammar discussed on the wireless

Sometimes I think some of you have the idea that grammatical concepts are something only relevant to a few freaks like me. Maybe you’re right. But we do get about a bit. I was listening to Simon Mayo’s programme on … Continue reading

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Lord of the Flies – Sparknotes message board

The SparkNotes message board on Lord of the Flies has a signal to noise ratio that is better than many message boards. However, it could be much better. There are too many people just begging for help for their essay … Continue reading

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