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Through the Heart of Darkness

I find that one of the characteristics of Conrad’s style in this work is the juxtaposition of the (apparently) trivial with the (apparently) profound. An example in today’s section would be the linking of the death of the Helmsman with … Continue reading

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Some good analysis of speech

is going on in the Y12 Lang/Lit group. Several students are beginning to produce top quality work now, and, as promised I have put one example that I happened to be given in electronic form on the NA3M page. English … Continue reading

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Y12 English Language – Occupation Homework Task

The task I want you to complete before our next lesson can be found by clicking here. I was typing it up when the earthquake struck. Freaky! Update I assume most of you have been occupied in ensuring that your … Continue reading

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If you prick us, do we not bleed?

Overheard by the sixth form lockers after period 3 today: Lass 1: Oh, someone was looking for you earlier. Lass 2: Were it a person… or a teacher?

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Into the Heart of Darkness

An e-text of the whole novel has been placed in the Pre-1914 Prose section. Further resources will be added as we go along. Now, your first task: I want us to identify as many quotations as possible that refer to … Continue reading

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Back in business

The blog has been on the back-burner for a while, although as much of the content written last year is just as relevant to you, I have been pointing you in the direction of some of the posts and materials … Continue reading

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The Physics of Language Change

Some of you are studying maths and/or physics as well as English. I wonder if it’s occurred to you to connect those disciplines? Well, it occurred to some physicists, mathematicians and linguists at the University of Edinburgh and elsewhere, and … Continue reading

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Nee naw

The other morning, an emergency vehicle with siren blaring passed our house. Kitty rushed into the room shouting, “Nee naw!” “What was it Katie?” I asked. “Nee naw!” My attempts to ‘model’ the ‘correct’ term, ambulance, were forcefully rejected. “NO! … Continue reading

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I know that not all of you are as sadly avid as I am in crawling about the interweb looking for stuff about language & literature. Indeed it seems that some of you haven’t even had a good poke around … Continue reading

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