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My blog’s a bit rubbish

But I like to think it’s at least a bit better than nothing. Anybody bothering to read it carefully will, however, already be aware of this really good one (it’s also linked in the ‘blogroll’ in the sidebar to the … Continue reading

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A summary of the grammar Y12 lang students should know by now

Identification of nouns Personal pronouns; person and number The distinction between lexical (or main) verbs and auxiliary verbs The distinction between between active and passive voice The distinction between adjectives, and nouns used as modifiers The distinction between adjectives and … Continue reading

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Grrr…. Grrr… Grrrrammar

I love learning about grammar. No, really. And I am continually learning new things about it. However, I’m aware that my enthusiasm is not shared by everyone. Not even, sadly, by all English Language students. I’m also aware that I … Continue reading

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What are we doing when we study language?

My attempts to instil in the Year 12 English Language group a way of looking at language that is appropriate for AS Level study seem to have been, erm, not entirely successful. If you are still feeling that my explanations … Continue reading

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