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Off-Piste Reading

In our Y12 English Language & Literature lesson today, the burden of assessment objectives, and mark bands grew ever more tiresome, and talk turned to English Club and thence to T S Eliot, and then to fact that most of the … Continue reading

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Sixth-Form English Club

Half a dozen sixth formers and I met for a very pleasant hour after school last Wednesday, and will do say again this week, for cake and poetry. Among the comments made were that it was really enjoyable to be … Continue reading

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Linguistics Club

Anyone who is interested in language, other languages, or logic puzzles may like to have a go at some challenging language problems with the possibility of entering the UK Lingustics Olympiad in February. It’s open to sixth-formers studying any subject, … Continue reading

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McAuley Young Reporters

At some point this week, either in form time or during assembly, you will hear about McAuley Young Reporters. Working with the Doncaster Free Press, a group of McAuley students will write articles for our local paper about the issues … Continue reading

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EngLangList (weekly)

Bishop Robert Lowth’s ” A Short Introduction to English Grammar” (1762) Facsimile edition of Lowth’s Gramma Tags: grammar, change, documents, pdf, facsimile, prescriptivism, ENGB3, Lowth – By Ant Heald Posted from Diigo. The rest of English Language Teachers group favorite … Continue reading

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Romeo and Juliet Online

Year 11 have been preparing for a Speaking and Listening assessment based on Romeo and Juliet. In our revision of the play we had re-told the story in Facebook or Twitter statuses with some fantastic results. This particular group decided … Continue reading

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EngLangList (weekly) – The Rhetoric of Text Analysis Simple but effective online text analysis tool. Tags: Corpus, discourse, text analysis, tools, engb4, investigation – By Ant Heald Language & Gender – a research update for teachers Tags: ENGB1, gender – By Ant … Continue reading

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Year 11 – Letters to the Editor

My Year 11 English GCSE class have recently been working on writing a letter to our local newspaper, The Doncaster Free Press.  We are preparing for the Unit 1 exam in January, and spent much of the first half-term working on … Continue reading

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More Shakespeare stuff

Further to Mr Poole’s links to the excellent BBC Shakespeare programmes, I recently came across an excellent guide to some of the best online Shakespeare resources. Read it here: Shakespeare online

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