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  1. Charlotte R says:

    Hi Sir
    I’m back online and I’ll use the blog if you keep updating…
    Thanks a million

  2. Mr Heald says:

    Hmm, if you look at the date this was actually aimed at last year’s group, so it’s a little sad that yours is the first comment here. I’ll have to get my act together and make sure I do more for the combined group. I guess I’ve tended to focus more on straight language around these parts. Actually, what I really need to do is make a proper website so that I can organise things as I want them rather than relying on the WordPress way. That might have to wait until the summer term, though. In the meantime, I’ll try and make sure I keep slinging stuff up here often enough to make regular visits worth the bother.

  3. Lucy B says:

    Hi sir,

    well i am checking out the resources on the site, things seem to be falling in place with the help from some of the sites! YES and dont think the year 2006 didn’t go unnoticed, not quite sure you did yourself any favours pointing out the problem haha. I actually wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for your comment, well i’m not complaining at least your honest! I am getting quite frustrated i intended to go on the rice website for five mins ONLY and it’s very addictive, its the ‘last go’ issue! Anyone reading i suggest you have a go and you will understand.
    Lucy x ( Oh yeah i will email the homework asap, probably tomorrow)
    This is completely off the subject but Friday 3rd lesson i was in your lesson, i think i was slightly late but reception told me it went down as unauthorised, if you could tell them i was there to stop them nagging!!! if you know what i mean. Thanks sir cya Thursday!

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