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All the best…

Not ‘good luck’ as ideally luck shouldn’t come into it, but I hope you’ll all do yourselves justice tomorrow, and in the subsequent exams.– should be available even if you ddin’t get your registration organised if you want to … Continue reading

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Exams: some words of advice

A colleague on the English Language email list wrote today: The bullet points act as a guide to help the response be focused. Frameworks should be applied where applicable, remembering that pragmatics and grammar give a better impression of the … Continue reading

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Do any of yous even look at this any more?

If you even ever did. I ask, because Miss Hampshire left the dinner table at school today with the words, “See yous later.” She’s a local(ish) lass, and I’m increasingly hearing that 2nd person plural pronoun, but I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Well I wouldn’t put that on my lap!

We popped round to my sister-in-law’s earlier this evening (for a bath – our boiler still isn’t working). She has a desktop PC in the sitting room with ye olde-schoole full size CRT monitor and everything. Katie went to try … Continue reading

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