A2 English Language

A2 English Language Theory Wiki from St Vincent College, Gosport

i love english language – an encyclopedic compendium of material curated by Altrincham Girls’ Grammar School

2 Responses to A2 English Language

  1. rebecca says:

    Hi! This is my first comment.hehe. I’ve found quite an interesting site about language acquisition. Here’s the address, it’s worth a look. Hope you like it.


  2. Mr Heald says:

    Thanks for that, Rebecca. The ‘select the correct term’ exercise is quite useful, as is the section comparing acquisition with learning. Good to see you here and posting.

    Has anyone else found any useful resources? An awful lot online is, I think, often pitched at too high a level, but I don’t want to patronise you, so if you find something useful, let me know then we can share the good news.

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