Extracts from AQA’s ‘General Information’ about ENGB4

The comments below are taken from a recent document published by AQA. I thought they may be helpful as you focus on the final write-up of your coursework.


There was a marked improvement in the??quality and focus of candidates??? introductions
??? many candidates chose topics which were not??directly taught as part of the specification
??? the most successful starting point for an??investigation was a strong personal??engagement with the topic area


??? this section should be used to demonstrate??the analysis of the data using ???appropriate??linguistic concepts???, offer consideration of?????concepts and issues relating to language??? and??analysis of ???contextual issues???
??? in the most successful investigations this was??demonstrated by the use of clear, salient??subheadings relating to the topic and data


??? this section provides candidates with the??opportunity for sensible reflection on the??investigation process
??? successful comment focused on and evaluated??the key findings of the analysis section, drawing??perceptive and tentative conclusions
??? less successful approaches tended to simply??repeat comment from the analysis section and??consider speculatively what might have been,??given more time and / or words

Assessment of Media Text

This task is assessed in three different ways, as??highlighted in the Assessment Criteria bands:
??? Audience, purpose and genre
??? Register
??? Transformation of ideas and concepts from??language study (original materials) [therefore you must??include a bibliography that shows the source(s) of the language ideas you are transforming]

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