New Revision Site

This blog was always a bit of a compromise. It was easy for me to get up-and running, but the resource pages are not that easy to customise, and I know some people have had difficulty navigating them and opening files.

So I’ve created a new site where I intend to place some of the most useful resources.

It also enables you to contribute directly. You can add any resources that you find, and I hope we will be able to share some good practice, and maybe do some peer and self-assessment to make you increasingly familiar with exactly what the examiners will be looking for.

At the moment I’ve just set up a home page, and in order to use it you will need to go through a brief registration process using your school email account. If, for any reason, you can’t access your school account you will need to get that sorted with the IT technicians.

The URL of the site is:

So go along there and get yourself registered pronto. Any problems with it, drop me an email, or see me in school, please.

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1 Response to New Revision Site

  1. samson says:

    me and alot of people cannot access the new site

    and would not answer his phone to activate my email account ….GRRR ICT DEPARTMENT

    what should i do?

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