While you’re on study leave

Things are a little quiet round here. I hope any exams you’re taking are going well.

But while you’ve got some time on your hands, English Language students should be taking the opportunity to put the finishing touches (!) to coursework so that we can get that out of the way before we start the next half term. That way, we will be able to devote all our attention to the summer exams, and still have time to put right any problems that arise with the coursework before it’s too late.

Do feel free to email with any problems or questions, or with work in progress for me to check.

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5 Responses to While you’re on study leave

  1. Tonia says:

    good, because it’s not that i’m struggling – but what is a commentary? and i still need help on those poets etc. And my second piece is well on it’s way 😀 i’m quite pleased!

  2. bex says:

    Hi Mr Heald! Hope it’s not too quiet. lol Well, im pleased to say i managed to do a draft of the introduction and method for our coursework. Impressed? Though, im absoloutley positive it will need some serious editing and re-writing, but im sure thats what being an English Language student is all about. Please may i have your email address as i appear to have lost it. Is it ok to email you my work for you to have a quick look over while im off?



  3. Tonia says:

    right – so much for replyin over study leave! i’ve been thinking.

    my dad really annoyed me yesterday. He now currently has an obsession with lightswitches. he’s forever turning lights off when they’re not in use and constantly turns mine out even when i’m in there.

    i went downstairs for a drink and he goes “are you planning on leaving your light on?” and i said “yes thanks” despite knowing that he meant “go turn your light out”. Why didn’t he just say that – then i would have cooperated and done it. instead of being the insolent youth that i am 😀

    just thought that i would rant, and bring englang into it while im at it 😀

  4. Mr Heald says:

    Tonia, you strike your target with devastating precision as usual. My meagre defence is that I did reply directly to Rebecca, and that I’ve been rather under the weather lately and frankly haven’t felt like doing much, so email and blogging have taken a back seat.


    The light switch thing. It’s just something dads do. Mine did it to me, now I’m doing it to my kids. It must be genetic.

    But your point about the language use (we’re dealing with the pragmatics framework here) is a good one. You responded to the formal structural features of your dad’s utterance (an interrogative) rather than to its function as a speech act (a combined command and reprimand?). And why did he use that indirect form? It’s to do with power. And why did you deliberately misinterpret him by interpreting him literally? Erm, it’s to do with power! And there are few power struggles greater than those between a parent and teenager.

    We’ll be addressing these features further in class. Keep looking out for examples.

  5. Tonia says:

    so….as usual, the Tonia is right (y) ace!

    The lightswitch thing? definately not genetic, more environmental i think.

    Sir, i need mega help a la englais coursework. Can i have your e-mail so I can send you what i’ve written and you can send me some poets names and stuff that are similar in style to what i’ve written. You mentioned them i while back but i’ve forgotten. I’ve got my final four poems ready, and my drafts to show how i got from one to the next.

    Sorry to hear you’re unwell – but i enjoyed my free today 😀

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