Y10 Original Writing

Now for something completely different.

I want you to do some writing of your own choice just for the sheer fun of it. I think we need a break from Lord of the Flies.

So, if you have a burning idea for a poem, short story, article, review, screenplay, playscript, song lyric, monologue, speech or any other type of writing, here’s your chance just to go for it.

Got writer’s block, or want to try something new? Go to creativewritingprompts.com, and hover the cursor over any of the numbers and choose one of the hundred ideas to get you going.

Want some feedback? Set up a blog like this one at wordpress.com (you can opt to make it viewable only by users you choose if you want) or other website/blogware of your choice, post your writing in there, and let me and/or your friends know the address.

Or just mail me at: ajheald @ gmail. com


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