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Off-Piste Reading

In our Y12 English Language & Literature lesson today, the burden of assessment objectives, and mark bands grew ever more tiresome, and talk turned to English Club and thence to T S Eliot, and then to fact that most of the … Continue reading

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Writing to inspire

What piece of writing has affected you the most? If it’s short enough, quote it here, or give us a link, and explain in as much detail as you can why it is important to you. If, like me, you … Continue reading

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On parallelism

One of you asked about ‘parallelism’ the other day, and got an answer that I hope was adequate, but clearly not as good as that on the current entry in David Crystal’s blog (linked over on the right hand side, … Continue reading

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The science of literary language

As I was cycling home from work yesterday, I was listening to Material World on Radio 4. You may scoff, but it was better than what I was doing on the way home on Tuesday . Anyhow, Material World is … Continue reading

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