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Save the OED!

Well, there’s little chance that the Oxford English Dictionary itself, possibly the world’s greatest work of reference, will go to the wall. But our access to it is under threat. I was told today that the school’s subscription will not … Continue reading

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Gender wars

Any thoughts on this recent (American) article? It’s fairly anecdotal rather than research based, but I think it’s quite interesting in the light of today’s discussion in Y12 Language class.

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Mondegreens and eggcorns

It was an excellent discussion in Y12 Lang yesterday (well, I enjoyed it, anyway). The word I was looking for but couldn’t recall was mondegreen. Interesting related phenomena include eggcorns . Fran asked about those words such as ‘gormless’ that … Continue reading

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OED ‘Word of the Day’ added

If you look over in the sidebar, you’ll see I’ve added a feed to the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Day. If you click on the word, it will take you to that word’s entry on the OED site. … Continue reading

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Word of the Year 2006

Congratulations to “crackberry” I wonder if it cried at the awards ceremony?

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