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Some good analysis of speech

is going on in the Y12 Lang/Lit group. Several students are beginning to produce top quality work now, and, as promised I have put one example that I happened to be given in electronic form on the NA3M page. English … Continue reading

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Y12 Combined – Past paper question (Ross & Brosnan interview)

Click here for your next exam practice piece. Remember you only have about 45 minutes for this in the exam. Obviously, for better or worse, you have to use old-fashioned pen and paper in the exam, but if you want … Continue reading

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Y12 Combined group, as promised, that transcript is here:


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Yeah but, no but

Research has confirmed that you’re all a bunch of inarticulate slobs. It must be true, it says it in all the papers and everyfink. See here or here or here or, ohhhww, wha’evahh. I picked up on this story from … Continue reading

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Adjacency Pairs

Y12 Eng Lang started looking at conversation analysis today. Y12 Combined will be there soon, and Y13 should already know this stuff. Here’s the exercise on adjacency pairs from today. (Thanks to Loren on the EnglishLanguageList for the presentation I’ve … Continue reading

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