Death of a Salesman – Author’s Craft

Here is an extract from the Chief Examiner’s report on this coursework unit:

Moderators appreciated the sustained and detailed exploration of themes and ideas but judged that some students would have been more successful in addressing AO2 if they had been more mindful of authorial craft and the genre of the text, particularly when their interest in characters was at the expense of their appreciation of characterisation.

To focus yet further on this Assessment Objective I want you to answer the following essay question as your half-term homework:

How does Miller close Act One of Death of a Salesman in a way that focuses the audiences on the themes established in Act One, and sets the tone for Act Two?


This lesson you will do some preparatory work in pairs to further develop your ability to do the close ‘reading back into the quotation’ that we have been working on in recent lessons, and that I want to be the focus of your response in that essay..


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1 Response to Death of a Salesman – Author’s Craft

  1. kell and gee says:

    Georgia and Kellie’s English analysis

    “I’m gonna get married, mom. I wanted to tell you”
    Linda “go to sleep, dear”
    The response in which Linda replies is quite blunt and unexpected. This was quite controversial of Happy to say he wanted to get married as previously in the novel he said he liked being with different women and he wasn’t the type to commit to a relationship.
    In addition, Linda’s reaction was an imperative, however the noun she uses “dear” suggests a …
    can someone help us finish this sentence please?

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