Using Sources & Compiling a Bibliography

A properly referenced bibliography is a compulsory requirement for your coursework to be accepted. Therefore, can you make sure you that you keep careful records of everything that you read and refer to so that you can cite it correctly in your coursework. Guidance on using sources is available in a document that you should already have seen that is linked from the coursework guidelines document mentioned in the previous post (direct link here:

There are a number of useful online tools for maintaining a bibliography with correct referencing style. One that uses the Harvard system of referencing recommended in the Ofqual guide is: There are other online tools that include the ability to search directly from within the tool, and add search results directly to the bibliography include and You may find it useful to search from directly within such a tool, as they tend to throw up more focussed results than Google which needs a bit more careful sifting to sort the wheat from the chaff.

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