ENGB3 is over – it’s time to get serious with ENGB4

You may recall me mentioning in our last lesson the way that students have used blogs in the past as a means of demonstrating progress, sharing ideas, keeping links and resources together, making things like surveys/questionnaires available, and so on. We also used this blog for updates and ongoing general advice. It will be worth you subscribing to this blog  and reading through the old posts on there as the advice will apply to you just as much as it did to previous students, and it will continue to be updated when we need to get messages or advice to you all about the ENGB4 coursework.

You can see some examples of student blogs from the past couple of years here: http://engb4.posterous.com/previous-engb4-blogs Many of them also include links to investigations and or media pieces that may give you further ideas of what you are aiming towards.

You will recently have received a link to a Google Document that we will be using to record your progress, as we found that although comments on blog posts were often very useful, it was difficult to get an overview of progress across a range of blog posts, so having a record of your progress in one document should make it easier to ensure that no-one slips through the net. Nevertheless, your work and progress is your responsibility, so please make sure that we do see plenty of progress to report on, and seek out help and advice rather than just waiting for us to come to you, otherwise you will rapidly find yourself running out of time.

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