The Plane Crash

Before we started reading Lord of the Flies, I asked the class to imagine a scenario in which they were going on a journey with schoolmates, and survived a plane crash in which the adults accompanying them perished . Here is the piece written by Paige Fram Taylor:

The Crash

It shook so much when we were hurtling through the sky, but the words you hear in all horror films where everyone crash lands on a spooky island, and all of them except one dies, were floating in my head like that really scary photo you weren’t suppose to see because you knew that you would get nightmares.  The words were, ‘Crew prepare for a crash landing.’  That’s when the screams began, like people had only just gathered that they may or may not die, but their lives were in the hands of the pilot.  I saw the pilot before the flight, only because my dad was threatening him saying, ‘If you let anything bad happen to my baby, I swear I will hunt you down and—’, and well you know the rest.  My dad used to be a bodyguard you see, so he sees the risks in everything.  I like that about him though because I feel safe around him.  Luckily I have picked that skill up from him, so when all the crew members started whispering to each other before the announcement, I knew something bad was on its way.  Another skill I’ve picked up from him is being observant, so another clue that we were going to crash was that the plane wing was on fire!

So on the bright side, now all the crew including the pilot died in the crash, at least my dad won’t get sent to prison for GBH or murder! So here we are, alone on this island.  The only reason I was on this flight is because it’s on the way to Spain for an English trip.   I had begged my mum and dad for ages to go on it; it would have been the first class trip I’d ever been on.  It looks like we’re not getting to Spain anytime soon though!

Lost TV Show Plane Crash Set

Image by puuikibeach, on Flickr

But right now, I’m sat in half a plane, with my English class full of idiotic, immature little boys and big boobed girly girls, that haven’t done any work in the whole 14 years they’ve been alive because they are too afraid of breaking a nail.  Well, then there’s me and Faith.  Faith is the sportiest girl I have met! For example there’s Christina; she would go to Spain to top up her tan and let her maid feed her cocktails through a straw.  Then there’s Faith; she would go to Spain with her parents for a hiking trip around Mallorca! Then there’s me; I like sport but I just choose not to do it because…well I haven’t thought of a reason yet.

I can see this plane crash going one way, and trust me it is not the way where we all get rescued and in 2 years time they interview us on Daybreak.  No, my idea of this situation is where most (maybe all) of us die when we find out we are not alone on this island. Well I think it’s an island? I didn’t see much from the plane; I just saw a beach then endless miles of forests. It was weird because I’m sure that I saw smoke coming up through the trees at one point.  It must have just been the smoke from the wing of the plane I saw, surely?
Honestly, I’m petrified.

I think this is going to be more of a horror than an adventure…

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  1. mrheald says:

    I’ve already had a couple of responses to this on twitter:


  2. amy says:

    Well done paige i thought this was an exceptional account of your story. i Loved the umoh in your writing it is amazing! i wish i was you

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