Don’t be coy about seeking help

A year 11 student writes (apropos  Marvell's 'To His Coy Mistress'):

Hi sir,


I am stuck on two questions on the homework and was wondering if you could help me please.
The questons are:
1) Stanza One. Identify examples of hyperbole or exaggeration. what is the effect?
2) Stanza Two. Identify the extended metaphor used to describe the terrifying future the persona predicts, if they delay.
Thank you

And Mr Heald replies:

Q1: hyperbole or exaggeration refers to language or ideas that might be considered 'over the top'. Think about the amount of time he says he's going to spend admiring his mistress, for example. Why do you think he does this?
Q2: An extended metaphor means is one that continues through a series of lines in the poem. Think of the words: 'deserts' 'marble vault' 'worms' 'dust' 'ashes' grave' on the one hand, and 'beauty' 'song' 'virginity' quaint honour' 'lust' and 'embrace' on the other.
I hope that gives you something to think about. Let me know if that doesn't unblock your difficulty.

To which the student responds:

Hi sir
Thanks for the help. It helped with the questions a lot.



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