A former student writes…

Alex Meadows, who is now at Northumbria University wrote to me today:


Hope all is well in the world of McAuley, missing it greatly, however Newcastle is great, but cold. I’m still getting through updates about the current years language investigations, and I know whilst mine wasn’t the best – I would not mind if students had any questions they wanted to ask about it, to ask someone who’s actually done it etc etc. Just thought it would be valuable to some students.

Anyhow, should people want to ask anything, drop us an email at:

Well, I’ll not put his email address online for the entire world to see, but if you’d like to take him up on his offer let me know and I’ll pass his address on.

If you want to look at the progress he made last year, take a look at: http://admeadows.posterous.com/

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1 Response to A former student writes…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Alex seems a little disappointed (though not surprised) that nobody has taken him up on his kind offer: https://twitter.com/#!/Meadows_Alex/status/169459203327541248

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