Attention Y12 English Language Students

This coming week I would like you to start becoming familiar with some of the language & gender concepts for ENGB1. Can you therefore please use Period 5 tomorrow (Monday) and associated homework time to read and make notes on the following web page from the late, great Andrew Moore:

While that page is still an excellent introduction to this topic aimed at A-Level students, it offers a single perspective of the topic and was written by one man (you may like to consider how relevant that fact is, if at all)  several years ago so does not take the most recent work in this area into account. Moreover, some of the links included either no longer work or are to sites that are no longer updated. Consequently I would like you to supplement your preliminary reading with some more current sources. 

The Wikipedia article is pretty good:

Read it and compare it with the Andrew Moore article. Which concepts / theorists etc are given more, or less attention in each article, for example? 

For some more current discussion of language and gender issues aimed specifically at A-level students, search for relevant posts on Like this:

That lot should keep you busy for a while. As you are doing it, any interesting findings, questions, links, points for debate, or any other evidence of engagement with the issues will stand you in very good stead when I come to decide ATL grades and write your reports and so on, so get busy @McAuleyEnglish or or (which shouldn’t be blocked in school), or on Edmodo if you’re too shy to go public.


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