Today’s the day!

Today is the deadline for your coursework. 

The method that you have been asked to use throughout for keeping us up to date with your progress is via your coursework blog, so please ensure that you submit an electronic copy of your coursework either on Google Docs or Word, and include this in a new blog post. You can link to, or embed, Google Documents, or you can upload Word documents which will be automatically embedded in your blog. 

Can I remind you (yet again!) that you MUST include a bibliography for both the investigation and media text, and that you should also include references in the body of your investigation; some work that has been submitted for me to check so far does not include references where they are needed. Guidance on this can be found in this document that I have mentioned in class on a number of occasions and is also linked from the bibliography section of your coursework guidance booklet.

You also need to supply a hard copy of your work, which should include material such as data, questionnaires, CDs of recordings etc, as appendices (if for any reason you do not have these today, please bring them to Miss Hampshire’s lesson on Friday).

Please check carefully through the coursework guidance booklet again and ensure you have done everything according to all the guidelines given there. 

Please fill in the appropriate sections of the record forms attached below, and submit together with your work.

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