Barking, not biting

If ever my comments on your posts may look a little ‘aggressive’ (this usually takes the form of my asking questions that may appear to be designed simply to undermine the ideas you have), then please understand that is not the intention.

That questioning approach is designed not to imply ‘your idea is stupid’, but to get you thinking about it more deeply, to refine and develop your ideas in a way that acknowledges possible weaknesses, and pushes towards a higher level of response.

The fact that I need to work quickly, and the relative lack of paralinguistic cues in online communication, mean that this may come across as overly brusque at times. If so, then sorry, but I hope you understand that I’m only ever trying to help – even if there may be occasions when that help does need to take the form of a metaphorical kick up the backside 😉
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