Who says nothing rhymes with ‘silver’?

Try this from the Oxford English Dictionary

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chilver, n.

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Old English cilfer-, cilfor-lǫmb ewelamb, corresponding to Old High German chilburra

  A ewe-lamb: commonly   chilver-lamb n. Also chilver-hog. (Found in Old English, and still common in southern dialects, though not evidenced in the intervening period.)

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2 Responses to Who says nothing rhymes with ‘silver’?

  1. Sophie Devine says:

    ill set you a homework: find one for orange 🙂

  2. Anthony Heald says:

    And you know you've got me!However, this guy: http://humanities.exeter.ac.uk/theology/staff/gorringe/ was chaplain at the college just across the road from mine when I was at university, so if I was writing a poem about an orange, I'd probably have him reflecting on its divine beauty, or something.

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