A nugget of pre-exam wisdom

I thought this little snippet from a fellow English examiner on an English teachers' email list was worth sharing, especially for those of you with an exam on Wednesday:

"Too much spoonfeeding, on context, language etc. results in mental indigestion for students and heaven help them when they are on their own at University.
We need to teach them to think and deduce for themselves not think for them. … I have lost count of the number of times when, as a marker, I have had to write 'irrelevant' or 'quotation in place of analysis' on a paper where the candidate has obviously regurgitated teacher taught information in place of their own insight and used it incorrectly."

Now, I'm not quoting this to imply you should ignore anything I may have taught you, but to ensure you don't fret that you haven't learned enough, and to encourage you to have confidence in your own abilities and idea, and to make sure that you do engage with the data and actually analyse it.

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