Which words disturb you? | Michelle Pauli | Books | guardian.co.uk

Link to original article via guardian.co.uk

I find my mind playing tricks like this with words all the time. I don’t think the idea of the words ‘disturbing’ me is always true, but certainly I can scarcely look at something like a shop sign or advertising hoarding without finding some alternative way of reading it. Often I think my re-orderings are pretty idiosyncratic. For example I can’t look at a ‘Staples’ shop front without mentally reading ‘Strapless’ which requires two extra consonants.

With regard to examples like ‘therapist’ being read as ‘the rapist’, I came across a website once that listed unfortunate web site addresses. It included a site for IT experts to share their expertise, at www.expertsexchange.com. Some of the funnier ones I daren’t share here!

The Telegraph did an article on a book of these: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/7787167/Hilarious-web-addresses-reveale…

but a quick Google will reveal plenty more.

If you think about, there are some interesting issues around lexical division, morphology and syntax to be explored here.

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