It’s tomorrow!

Lang/Lit people, here are a couple of section A ELLA1 responses. I’ve commented on the first in speech, and put written comments on the second (though the drawn lines work a bit weirdly there, as they all appear at once – you have to look for the one being drawn as each comment starts to see which bit of the essay I’m referring to). Please add your own comments or questions, too – don’t be shy! It will really get you doing some focussed thinking that will help prepare your mind for tomorrow’s exam.

I have also received a timed response to a Kite Runner essay, which is here, with my comments:


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3 Responses to It’s tomorrow!

  1. heald says:

    I just got this question by email:

    “Hi sir, Im just doing past papers to revise for tomorrow, and Ive found it more difficult what to write about when analysing The Importance of being Earnest?”

    and gave this response:

    “I’ve put a couple of answers up on a voicethread with my comments. The material on our self-made site should also be useful, together with the mark schemes (which have bullet pointed lists of ‘what to write about’ for each question) and examiners reports which are all on Frog.

    Anything you can’t find, or anything more specific you want to ask, do get back to me.”

    The same applies to anyone else who may be reading this.

  2. James Mulligan says:

    Hi sir, on a creative writing (B) question, if it asked me to write what someone says, would I put it as raw speech e.g. “Imagine that on returning from the trip to save Sohrab, Farid gives an acount to his wife ofhis impressions of Amir. Write what Farid says:”. Would i write that in raw speech?

  3. heald says:

    I replied to James by email. For the record, my answer was:

    No, you wouldn’t.

    I think it would be best to go for ‘Free Direct Speech’, like a monologue, or as if it were a stretch of ‘represented’ speech in the novel itself. The examiners would be looking for ‘literary’ qualities in your writing, and a ‘transcript’ style, apart from being an unrealistic task (you don’t ‘invent’ spontaneous speech on paper) would not allow you to show those written craft skills easily.

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