Just 2 days to go…

… before ENGB1 & ELLA1

ENGB1 people:

The January 2010 exam paper & examiners report has been added to Frog, so how about having a stab at that for last minute practice.

Oh – go on then, I’ll add it to the AS Lang page here, too.

On the AS lang page you will also find some sample answers, a couple of which have teacher comments added. They are well worth looking at closely if you want a reminder of what to do (and what not to do).

ELLA1 people:

I’ve had a couple of people asking me ‘for the frameworks’ as if that were something that could exist on a single handout that I could mail out and everything would be OK. Sadly it doesn’t work like that, otherwise we wouldn’t have to go to the time and expense of several month’s worth of lessons.

Again, there’s plenty of stuff on Frog & if you click ‘files’ in the right hand sidebar of Edmodo, you’ll see the materials that I used early in the course to introduce you to the key framework terms and concepts. Also don’t forget the groovy mindmap you put together at:


I will duplicate some of the most useful materials on the AS LangLit page here (click the tab at the top) for any of you who really can’t find things for yourselves or have -ahem- technical issues.

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