To my 6th formers: Sorry I’m not there

Well, it seems as though everything’s been conspiring against me since Easter.

A heavy cold, turning into a chest infection, at the same time as having to deal with coursework handed in after deadlines that were set ages ago, has meant me working into the small hours most nights, yet still not being able to catch up with responding to the exam practice work so many of you handed in.

Add to that the fact that the WordPress blogs I set up at Easter to use as revision sites for you were rendered useless as I came back from holiday to find that WordPress has been blocked. And now, my daughter and I have come down with a sickness bug. Bleeurgh.

So – I have resurrected this old blog which I’m pretty sure should not be blocked in school.

If you have any questions, you could email them directly to me at However, the chances are that any question you have is likely to be relevant to others too, so why not put it here (use the ‘add comment’ link), then everyone can get the benefit of any answer I may be able to give.

I’m pretty wiped out just now, so I’m going to try and get some sleep, but all being well, even though I won’t be in school tomorrow (Thursday) I should hopefully be able to keep a regular eye out here and on my email, and will try and add some specific suggestions of ways to use the lesson time in absence.


I have now added pages for each of my 6th form English classes (click the links at the very top of the page) . At the moment they are empty, apart from a link to an online ‘pad’ that has a ‘chat room’ facility, and a text-editing area so that any of us can add questions and links etc. I will try and be available on there during your lesson time.

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