ENGB1 Grouping Task

It’s another stupidly busy weekend (punctuated by the staff Christmas ‘do’ on Friday – a bit early for Christmas, but there you are) and I didn’t get round to putting anything on Frog as I’d said I hoped to for the Y12 Lang group.

However, since Catherine was missing on Friday she emailed to ask me about it and I reproduce a chunk of my email here for the benefit of any readers among the Lang group who might be looking in.

Remember you can get an RSS feed for this blog which will ensure you’re instantly updated with any new content, so if you’re reading this when it’s too late, let that be a lesson to you!

We ran through the groupings that people suggested and the key points I drew out of this were:

  1. Groupings should really have more than two texts
  2. The reason for the grouping should be linked to something significant about the nature of the text (eg. if you’re grouping them because they use 1st & 2nd person personal pronouns to establish a direct relationship with the audience, you should give some indication of why you think it was important for the texts to do that)
  3. You should show that grouping is ‘problematic’, for example by showing that there are differences within the area of similarity that has led to the grouping (eg. in the pronoun example above, you might note that one of the texts shifts to third person for part of the text, while another uses first person plural, whereas the others use first person singular)
  4. You should show awareness that some texts may fit into more than one of your groupings
  5. You should try and use most of the texts (don’t leave more than a couple out)
  6. You should address a range of frameworks, taking particular care to show knowledge of grammatical and pragmatic issues, as well as the more straightforward lexis and graphology.
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