Rana temporaria

A number of students in my classes have been having trouble accessing work made available on Frog. As you know, this system is being rolled out and it’s inevitable that there will be teething troubles. If you have problems accessing the meaterials from out of school it would be really helpful if you could let me know exactly what the issues are. If you know how to it, you could send me screen-shots of the problems and error messages as they occur, then I can pass the information on to our technical people (and I will know for sure that you’re not just making excuses).

Remember that if I set work on Frog and you can’t access it, the onus is on you to make sure that we agree alternative arrangements. I am happy to send documents by email if you can’t access them through Frog (email ajheald@gmail.com – my most frequently monitored address, or aheald@mcauley.org.uk). If you have no reliable internet access at home and really can’t use access points in library or school, then I can always supply materials on paper.

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