Ribbit, Ribbit.

Want to get on Frog?

Until someone with the power to do so gets the link from the school website front page sorted, you need to do as follows:

If you’re on a computer in school, simply type ‘frogserver’ (nothing else) into the address bar. This runs more quickly and is more stable than the ‘portal’ access which you need to use if you’re out of school:


Any thoughts on what should be there, let us know? Any problems, or indeed any positives – I’d be interested to hear.

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11 Responses to Ribbit, Ribbit.

  1. Sophie says:

    i have a problem to report….. 😦

    logged onto my area key stage 5, english language and it is saying there is nothing to display….? so no files with attached powerpoint etc

  2. Mr Heald says:

    Can you access the ppt directly from the ‘lesson’ in your area? My Space > My Set Work – double click on the lesson then it should be in the ‘section resources’ area, next to the ‘introduction’ section.

  3. Sophie says:

    yep ive got it thankyou. i think i tried it earlier and if i did it wasn’t there. but its all fine now thankyou…obviously it didn’t want me to do my english homework 🙂

  4. amy p says:

    hey sir

    i found that i have been having the same promblem with the “Frog” as sophie ,i will follow the information that you go to sophie but i thought i would inform you

  5. Mr Heald says:

    I think I’ve seen what the problem is. I was playing around with how to change access rights and I forget to put it back how it was after testing the restricted access settings.

    Sophie, can you just confirm whether you were able to access the ppt from the lesson plan, even though you couldn’t get it direct from the English Language folder in the classroom? If you could, that’s solved a problem for me!

  6. Sophie says:

    no the powerpoint wasn’t there last night, just the lesson objective box

  7. Mr Heald says:

    Oh, OK 😦

    But you can see it both ways now, right? From the lesson plan AND directly within the English area?

  8. Sophie says:

    no just from in the my space area

    the english area says no items to display! 😦

  9. Mr Heald says:

    Hmm – I REALLY need to get these A level papers marked, but I’ll have a look when I need a break.


  10. Mr Heald says:

    Is it working now?

    There’s clearly something wrong though as I’ve got a ‘test’ student account, but sometimes when I log in with that it randomly changes to my teacher account and vice-versa.

    I think I’ve managed to make the folder accessible, though. Fingers crossed (not that it really matters for what you’re doing just now, but we need to work if we’re going to start piling resources on there).

  11. Sophie says:

    the powerpoint is back and everything accessible from all areas! 🙂

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