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It looks a useful way revising knowledge you should already have, and then later lessons will extend it. I’ve looked at the archive of lessons and it uses a lot of terminology from very traditional grammar teaching that you won’t have heard from me, (though some of it is likely to be familiar if you are studying a foreign language) but that shouldn’t do you any harm. Indeed, knowing diferent ‘models’ of language structure can help you to develop a more mature understanding of how language can be analysed in different ways for different purposes, or depending on the theoretical perspective of the analyst. The DailyGrammar adopts a fairly prescriptive position compared with the descriptive approach to linguistics that undrerpins much of our course.

Anyway, I recommend you give it a whirl. I may even adapt some of their review tests for use in class, so if you do sign up you can be ahead of the game.

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3 Responses to A daily grammar lesson – free

  1. Sophie says:

    hi sir

    i signed up to this after you advised us to but they stopped coming after part 5. i assumed there would be more?


  2. Mr Heald says:

    Odd. Mine continued to come through OK. To be honest though, now I’ve been getting them for a while and had a good look at the lesson archive, the one-a-day lesson format is too slow-going to be that much use.

    If you’re wanting to get up to speed on grammar I’d still recommend the Internet Grammar of English (link over on the right) as the best online solution.

  3. Charlotte says:

    signed up, thought i may as well give it a go!

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