Y12 English Language – Occupation Homework Task

The task I want you to complete before our next lesson can be found by clicking here.

I was typing it up when the earthquake struck. Freaky!


I assume most of you have been occupied in ensuring that your research and preparation is good enough to make a really great job of this, since your classmates will rely on what you do to ensure their knowledge of the ‘occupation’ topic is complete. There has already been some work submitted and a couple of things have cropped up that are worth sharing with the rest of you:

  1. I should perhaps have mentioned in the task instructions, but don’t forget that in any work that you do, the sources that you used need to be referenced.
  2. As this is an English Language course, and we are working on a data-response based unit, you really need to include examples of language data. The LIWP website gives examples for nearly all the topic areas you are looking at.
  3. Students who want to do well always do more than the minimum. It doesn’t take that much effort to do a little extra research. For example within less than a minute of typing the last sentence I’d found this chapter on language and gender in the workplace, just by putting the words language, workplace and occupation into Google’s book search. You don’t get the whole thing, and it might not be the most useful of the many books that search returned – but then you should be spending more than one minute looking for information to support and add to the information you were specifically asked to start with. It’s a bit late now for this work, but libraries (including the school library) are always pretty good for finding stuff out, too.
  4. Don’t forget about the requirement to include ideas and examples from your own experience / research.

I look forward to flurry of top quality work as the evening goes on. Don’t forget: your classmates’ knowledge of the ‘language and occupational groups’ topic for unit ENB2 is depending on it.

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2 Responses to Y12 English Language – Occupation Homework Task

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi sir, i hope this doesnt sound like a stupid question, but are we supposed to work in groups on the topic given?…. or are we just in the group with people that are doing the same topic?…


  2. Elizabeth says:

    ooops……it was a stupid question…please ignore that last one!

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