I know that not all of you are as sadly avid as I am in crawling about the interweb looking for stuff about language & literature. Indeed it seems that some of you haven’t even had a good poke around this blog unearthing some of the gems that I’ve linked to, so I want to point out just some of the excellent blogs that are out there that you could do with keeping an eye on to expand your knowledge of the concepts we study, and to pile up a hoard of interesting and up-to-date examples of the type that examiners love.

However, when I do try and settle down to a job like this I always feel a bit ashamed as there are so many people who’ve already done it much better than I could.

So, can I remind you yet again of the excellent blog run by Dan at St. Francis Xavier College, down there in that there London. It’s aimed at English A level students (like you) and although it sometimes refers to a different exam course than the one we do, it’s all still absolutely relevant. He’s got lots of good links on there, and I’m even prepared to forgive him for referring to me as ‘Tony’. I’m sure he’d be really chuffed if some of you pitched in with comments, too.

Elsewhere, the top guru of English Language studies, David Crystal, has his own blog. The posts there vary from quite technical ones that deal with quite narrow points of linguistics, through to lots that contain excellent information and advice that is invaluable to A level students, but it’s always worth reading.

If you want a more-or-less guaranteed laugh while reading about language issues (usually mistakes made by the ‘victims’ of the blogging sub-editors) then you should keep an eye on The Engine Room.

You’re interested in language, right? Well I’ve found that even though I’m sadly too lazy (and probably not sharp enough) to have ever properly learned another language, I find that looking at how other languages work can help in understanding better how English operates. So you might want to check out the Omniglot. He’s got a blog, too.

There’s loads more where that lot came from, of course. Don’t forget the other links over in the sidebar, too.

Happy surfing.

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One Response to Blogtastic!

  1. dan says:

    Hi Ant, I’m sorry about the “Tony” business. I’ll change it straight away.

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