One term down…

Well, nearly…

And it’s been a pretty grim term in lots of ways, with a seemingly incessant stream of bad news connected with our school community. But, as always there’s also been a lot of learning going on and lots of progress made, despite the odd hiccup (hiccough?) along the way too.

Yet again I have to look at this blog and admit that I haven’t had the time or energy to make the best use of it, but there have been the beginnings of some really useful discussion and interaction, particularly with the Y12 Lang group, but I don’t want the Y13’s and the Lang/Lit groups to be left out.

I thought I’d take the opportunity of the end of term to make some suggestions for each group of things that you may usefully read or do in  study-leave time that you want to devote to catching up on things you may feel you haven’t fully grasped, or to develop your understanding further.

So keep an eye on here. I intend to put a post aimed at each different group reviewing where we are (or should be) and giving some pointers for the term ahead.

And if you look and see nothing relevant to you, but think I should have got it sorted by now then give me a prod with a comment or email. Sometimes I need a kick up the backside just as some of you occasionally do!

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2 Responses to One term down…

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    Hey sir,
    hope uv had a nice christmas!
    i was just wondering if uv got a worksheet or blog page or anything like that on work we’ve done so far in class, just so i know iv not missed anything, and to check up on things i might not have grasped at the time.
    ELizabeth x

  2. Mr Heald says:

    Sorry I’ve not got round to this Elizabeth. Christmas business, family illness and the miry swamp of Y11 mock exam marking have been bogging me down.

    I’ll get on to it later.

    In the meantime, you can do much worse than wander round Andrew Moore’s website, particularly the opening sections headed:

    “Introduction, models, grammar and revision”

    The quizzes at the end of that section are on material that is mainly covered at A2, though.

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