Hooray – Dan’s blog has been unblocked

I got in touch with RM who are responsible for internet filtering in school. They have put a blanket bar on all Blogspot blogs, but will ‘unfilter’ safe ones on request.

So now you can go englishlangsfx.blogspot.com from inside school as well as at home. You really should keep a very close eye on it.

It’s brilliant.

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2 Responses to Hooray – Dan’s blog has been unblocked

  1. Elizabeth B says:

    hey sir…..
    its me again…..
    just wondering where the blog page is for the class to comment on…for the sheet you gave to us…..unless you want us to write it down…?!
    Elizabeth x

  2. Elizabeth B says:

    …ive just reread my last comment and it sounded a bit vague…i mean the sheet on Grice’s maxims….where do you want us to comment on it??

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