Speech analysis homework – Updated

Use the transcript on the PowerPoint file linked here to create a presentation illustrating as many features of speech as you can.

In the light of a couple of email questions, can I emphasise that you are required to illustrate (that is, identify and comment on) those features of speech that you can identify in the transcript itself. Ideally you will make analytical comments explaining how the features of speech are being used by the speakers, and recognising that often there will be more than one interpretation. The ideal method is to use boxes for comments with arrows pointing to the relevant bit of the text (or use the ‘callout’ feature in the ‘autoshapes’ menu of PowerPoint). You will probably need to copy and paste the text onto several slides / pages so that you can deal with different aspects of the etxt without it getting too cluttered. For example you might have one slide on turn-taking / adjacency pairs; another on non-fluency features; another on pragmatic features (Grice’s maxims, politeness and face etc), and so on.

You should right-click the link, choose ‘save target as…’ then choose where on the computer you want the file to be saved. Name the file (Yourname)-speechanalysis, so that I can recognise it when I have all the files on my own computer.

If you have problems with PowerPoint you can do the task using Word. The document is here.

You may find it helpful to make use of some of the resources on the ‘Language of Speech’ page (linked from the sidebar).

Email your finished presentation to me at ajheald@gmail.com

If you have any problems with this, please contact me before the weekend. Feel free to email me work that you’ve only done part of, or ideas you’ve had, to check you are on the right track. I want the finished work to be with me by 10pm on Sunday at the latest.

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7 Responses to Speech analysis homework – Updated

  1. sophie says:

    hi sir

    can you tell me what sort of things to include im having trouble actually getting started

    sophie x

  2. Mr Heald says:

    Hi Sophie,

    Think back over the ideas we have covered in the last few lessons and see which of them you can apply to the transcript.

    Look at the materials I’ve collected together from various sources for you to reinforce your knowledge and understanding. I’ve added this very useful guide that comes from the exam board website so you can be sure that if you follow the advice and use the terms and concepts there you will be on the right track.

    I’ve got to make tea now, then bath Katie and put her to bed. There’s also a football match on you may have noticed. If I get chance I might add a bit more advice later.

    This should get you started though.

  3. Elizabeth B says:

    Hi Sir, hope you’re enjoying the football ^
    …i was just wondering how you put the arrowed comment boxes onto the powerpoint page, or did you want us to write about it on following slides?

    Elizabeth xx

  4. Mr Heald says:

    It’s just about to start!

    It’s up to you how to do it. The ‘help’ function usually gives fairly clear instructions if you know what you’re looking for. You can draw text boxes and then draw arrows to show the bit you’re referring to, or you can use a ‘callout’ (like a speech bubble) that allows you to write text, and move the ‘sticky-out-bit’ (I think that’s the technical term) to wherever you want it. All of those functions are in the drawing toolbar which should be at the bottom of the screen. Callouts are in the ‘autoshape’ menu. If you want to get clever, you can then use the animation function to make your different comments appear in sequence (and perhaps disappear again to avoid cluttering up the screen).

    Anyway, the match has kicked off now, so if you want to know more I’ll be back in a couple of hours or so.

  5. Lauren G says:

    Hi Sir, ive been looking through the homework but i really don’t understand what it is your wanting me to do sir?! xxx

  6. Lauren G says:

    Well, it’s a bit late to be asking now when the deadline was 10pm last night, five days after the task was set! Mind you, your question is more than I’ve got from most of the class 😦

    Have you read the updated instructions in the main blog entry, and my comments above in response to Sophie & Elizabeth? I think that should give you enough ideas to get started.

  7. Mr Heald says:

    See the work from those in the language group who sent it at:




    At the moment I’m just testing this out. Not all of the work has my comments added, and I may reorganise how and where to display it later.

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