The Mocks (updated)

First and most important piece of advice:


The mocks are there as part of the learning process on how to succeed in exams, not a hurdle to trip you up.

There’s quite a bit of advice about the reading and writing skills needed in earlier entries of this blog. In particular, look back at the archives for last December. There are also plenty of revision resources for the poetry and Lord of the Flies linked in the relevant pages from the sidebar on the right.

On Lord of the Flies for the Literature Paper, you may find the section on symbolism in the revision notes particularly useful for one of the question options.

I think the best materials  on the poems are the notes by Andrew Moore in the ‘Universal Teacher‘ guide, which also includes some excellent general advice on tackling the exams.  I strongly recommend you reading what he has to say, both on the Literature poems (Heaney, Clarke & pre-1914) and the poems from Different Cultures. Although I’ve told you the minimum you can get away with for the mocks, it would make sense for you to have some other poems up your sleeve that you are also familiar with (many of you took my advice earlier on this when I suggested looking at a poem or poems of your own choice; in particular, as we only looked at one Gillian Clarke poem in any depth in class, you may like to add another in case you don’t like the idea of using A Difficult Birth, 1998 with your chosen question). If you want to be able to tackle all three questions offered on the literature poems, rather than just the first two, the other named poems that are offered for you to choose from are: At a Potato Digging, Mid-term Break, Cold Knap Lake, The Field Mouse, Tichborne’s Elegy and The Laboratory. I mention these as guidance if you want to do more, but remember that Digging, A Difficult Birth, The Affliction of Margaret, and Patrolling Barnegat,  or On My First Sonne – the poems we covered in class – will allow you to tackle the literature mock paper adequately.

If you know that technical aspects of your writing sometimes let you down, then the BBC Skillswise site has lots of useful information and exercises to do.

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2 Responses to The Mocks (updated)

  1. Catherine McCallum says:

    hi ino this comment is not put in the right place on the blog for its subject…CWK but the school emaikl isnt working and i cant place a comment on the cwk bit of the blog. obviously i cant email u anything while the school email system is not working but ill try again when i come home again on friday, when i can access a computer.

    Here’s where i’m up to…educating rita and my orig writing cwk are in progress and i will giv them in wen i can…u have seen the orig writing on numerous occasions but after reading it (painfully) i av decided to do it again. Educating rite essay…well…that has had to been started form scratch also as the computer has lost it!! much as this pathetic excuse for an excuse is truly captivating im sure, i will finish with an apology for my complete lack of organisation and a promise that the work will be completed asap and handed in one way or another…hopefully via email but since that shows no signs of working and since ill be forced to do it on paper with no computer to hand…wen’s the deadline for cwk??????

    ps-hope u can come to laugh at samson, adam , catherine and i in aladdin and please cud i have my medai cwk back wen i next see u…u av it on paper. cheers and soz again

  2. Mr Heald says:

    No worries Catherine.

    Deadline is Easter. Will return media cwk as requested (if your email is up & running I could scan and send it that way if you prefer).

    See you after the break.

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