A summary of the grammar Y12 lang students should know by now

  • Identification of nouns
  • Personal pronouns; person and number
  • The distinction between lexical (or main) verbs and auxiliary verbs
  • The distinction between between active and passive voice
  • The distinction between adjectives, and nouns used as modifiers
  • The distinction between adjectives and adverbs
  • The distinction between coordinating and subordinating conjunctions
  • The distinction between main and subordinate clauses; simple, compound and complex sentences.
  • The distinction between sentence functions (statement, question, command, exclamation) and sentence forms (declarative, interrogative, imperative)
  • The clause elements (subject, verb, object, complement, adverbial)
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4 Responses to A summary of the grammar Y12 lang students should know by now

  1. sophie says:

    had a bit of trouble in the test today with complement and adverbial identification so i was woondering of you could give me an expmaple of how to find them please..

    i had a look through the link given but couldn’t find it..or maybe i didn’t go far enough

  2. Mr Heald says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s well worth being able to spot adverbials and discuss their effects, but the term ‘complement’ is one you can do without, to be honest.

    That list of ‘grammar you should know’ actually goes beyond what is really needed, and I put it there just to make the point that reading this blog might be in everyone’s interest as it closely matched the content and order of the questions on the test.

    To answer your question, though: the clause elements (S, V, O, C, A) are explained in the ‘Clauses and Word Order‘ presentation, and the ‘Guide to the Structure of the English Language‘ (see page 21), both linked from the ‘General English Resources‘ page. The concepts are also covered in the ‘Englishbiz’ guide I linked to in a previous post.

    Well done for asking, Sophie.

    Now, where’s everyone else?

  3. sophie says:

    thats cleared it up for me…..thanks for the help!

  4. Mr Heald says:

    No problem.

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