Good Luck Year 12

Well, it’s been a hectic few weeks one way or another.

Inevitably, for the Language group, having a degree of disruption to your teaching recently will not have seemed the ideal preparation, but as I pointed out in a recent post this is mainly about you. All the topic areas, concepts and terminology you need (and more) have been taught, you’ve been given a wealth of advice on how to tackle the exam papers, and have had opportunities to tackle most of the question types that could be asked, so, providing you’ve kept your end of the bargain and done your best to learn what you’ve been taught, paid increasing attention to the range of language around you, you should be more than a match for the tasks ahead of you.

LangLit group most of you missed Friday’s lesson. We looked at an example of a top grade Unit1 response. The key things to note about the commentary are that it doesn’t make any really spectacular observations; it’s all more or less common sense stuff. However, it does make use of nearly all the framework terms to comment on what the candidate did and why in her writing. So that’s all you need to do too. I’ve posted a copy of that sample answer on the NTA1 page (link to the right).

If any of you have any last minute questions, please feel free to fire them at me. Anything emailed to me or posted here by Monday will get some sort of response by Monday evening.

Good luck for Tuesday (and for the rest of your exams).

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4 Responses to Good Luck Year 12

  1. Greg says:

    Should we just try and write about and include as many appropriate terms as possible in our commentary such as structure, sentence types/lengths, vocabulary etc? Greg

  2. Charlotte says:

    just doing last minute revision! hoping it will all come to me with the adrenaline tomorrow 🙂

    thanks for all the help on the website 🙂


  3. Luke says:

    Hi sir, i’m still a bit stuck on grammar,(not that im leaving it til last minute) what kind of grammatical features should we write about in the commentary? I read that grammar is ‘building sentences’ but i thought sentence structure was syntax

  4. Mr Heald says:


    Sorry, I’m probably a little late here, but we had an after school meeting, and then I had to come home, get changed and go straight back out for a meal and film with the Y13 Film Studies group.

    If you are still up revising, grammar is an umbrella term that includes syntax (sentence grammar, ie. word order, clause structure etc) and morphology (word grammar, ie. inflections for tense, person, number etc)

    In the commentary for NTA1 you write about the choices you made, using the appropriate framework terms & concepts as they are relevant to what you were trying to achieve for the purpose, audience and context of your writing (see the example posted on the NTA1 page).

    All the best.

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