Grammar’s escaped!

You thought it was safely confined to me, Radio4, and maybe some other things that no-one pays any attention to.

But now it’s spilled over into the Sunday morning BBC 6Music show with top comedian Russell Howard and his mate Jon. What? Nobody listens to that either? Oh well, just in case you want to, here’s some of it.

But to what extent is it actually grammar they’re discussing?

And if I can finally get my act together there might be some kind of rubbish prize for the first person  to correct the rather erroneous comments about titbit/tidbit using the OED (see post below).

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2 Responses to Grammar’s escaped!

  1. hema says:

    hi, came accross your website when searching for useful teaching resources. i like some of your materail from editorial writing. trn and visit my website if you have the chance, i will be putting some of my materail up soon.

  2. Mr Heald says:

    Thanks for the comment. I can’t really take credit for many of the resources, though. I’m a magpie, culling shiny things from here and there and cobbling them together into this ramshackle little nest of stuff. Where I know who produced material I give namecheck, but a lot of this stuff circulates more-or-less anonymously through teachers just passing material on to help each other, so I’m glad if you found something of use here.

    Now, if my students would only pay a bit more attention, the job’d be a good ‘un.

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