Save the OED!

Well, there’s little chance that the Oxford English Dictionary itself, possibly the world’s greatest work of reference, will go to the wall.

But our access to it is under threat.

I was told today that the school’s subscription will not be renewed as it is not used sufficiently. The online OED is an immensely valuable resource that should be of interest to anyone with even a passing interest in language. Perhaps you just forgot it was there. Or perhaps you forgot our username and password? I can’t post it here as that would breach the terms and conditions of use, so if you can’t remember or never knew it, please ask me or the librarian.
The OED is useful for all sorts of things, especially researching language change for ENB6 (just take a look at the latest new entries: they’re poptastic). If you’re doing some work on the computer and are thinking of reaching for a dictionary, log on to the OED instead.

It’s a fantastic resource: please use it or lose it.

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