Y10 Film Reviews

What film are you thinking of reviewing? What publication are going to review it for?

What technical and/or thematic features make the film of particular interest to you?

The more you consider in advance why you want to review the film, how you want to review it, for whom you are reviewing it, and so on, the more likely you are to produce an effective piece that can therefore be rewarded highly.

Post your initial ideas in the comments section below, please.

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4 Responses to Y10 Film Reviews

  1. Jenny says:

    THanks for the help on finding a film, Sir. I will wath it tonight and get ready to start reviewing as soon as possible. I think that I would be able to express myself more with a less well known film in the modern industry so that I can construct my own thoughts about what I have seen, and not be influenced or obstructed by the “reviews” and often biased opinions of major blockbuster-type films.

  2. freddie says:

    im thinking of reviewing the godfather, probably in my opinion one of the great films of the 20th centuary,though for which prticualar publication im not sure, im not really certain how i could apply my writing style to that of the perticular writing styles of certain publications.

  3. Emma-Louise says:

    There’s a really memorable scene inmy movie where the camera focuses on a character and then kind of spins around their head before spiralling outwards into a wide view of the crowdin front of her. Is there any technical film language that I could put in here? This sentence appears fairly ammeteur to me and I don’t want that.


    😛 Em 😛

  4. Mr Heald says:

    Sounds like a complex crane shot in which the movement of the camera is likely to be accompanied by simultaneous panning and zooming.

    See, for example: http://www.mediaknowall.com/camangles.html

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