Y12 Combined – Past paper question (Ross & Brosnan interview)

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Remember you only have about 45 minutes for this in the exam. Obviously, for better or worse, you have to use old-fashioned pen and paper in the exam, but if you want to word-process your response and post it as a comment, I can give some feedback that may be useful to everyone.

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2 Responses to Y12 Combined – Past paper question (Ross & Brosnan interview)

  1. Helen says:

    Here’s one point that I’ve thought of:

    It is expected in a typical interview the host would have control of where the interview was heading, the questions being direct and limiting the answer to extract the neccessary information. However, in the Ross Brosnan interview this does not seem to be the case. Ross begins the interview with a compliment to ease Brosnan in and to make him feel more comfortable, presenting him with polite statements rather than standard ajacency pairs. This lexical choice encourages Brosnan to answer without restricting his response. Ross’s next statement refers back to Brosnan’s response rather than using structured questions creating generally longer answers on Brosnan’s part and a constant pattern in the discourse structure. Although Ross allows Brosnan to settle into the interview, he regains sonme control by asking some direct questions. However these question still produce the same kinds of answers as before.

  2. Kat says:

    Here is one aspect I discovered lol:

    Brosnan tends to use more fillers in his speech than Ross indicating his lack of confidence compared to Ross. His elongation of sounds along with the fillers show the thought he is putting into his answers, but this phonolgical feature is also used to emphasise particular words, for example, the word ‘and’. In one instance, Brosnan uses the rule of three to furthur emphasise the point about how hard this particular film has been to produce. Though he may not be aware of this feature, it shows Brosnan’s concern for the success of the film, and how he acknowledges the high standards of the competition in the film industry. Another feature of Brosnan’s speech is how he emphasises more positive words for example ‘relaxed…confident…joy’ indicates an optimistic nature.

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