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3 Responses to Inside-Out

  1. Emma says:

    I have my ‘Modest Proposal’ writing but I’m a little stuck. Can I email it to you but I can’t remember your email adress?

  2. Catherine Mc says:

    It is obviously useful to watch lots of different types of media but I think it would also to be useful to learn more about the significance of the choices that the director makes so we can interpret what they mean in the context of the story. This would mean that we could understand what effect the director was trying to achieve by the chioces he made.

  3. roachy says:

    Inside out is odd because there is no sound in relation the what is happening. In other films there is sometimes no passive sound (the music) but in this film there is no active sound. The sound orientates the viewers attitude to the characters and their actions but this is almost impossible in this piece of cinema.

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