About A Girl

What are your thoughts about this short film? Take a look back at the notes you wrote in class, think about the class discussion that followed, and post your ideas or questions in the comments section.

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23 Responses to About A Girl

  1. Samson says:

    This video appealed to me more much more than the Music Video ‘Glosoli’. I thought throughout the film meidum shots of the Girls face were shot, the director here i think did this to show expression and emotion more clearly in these parts of the video. Also though all of the impersonal speaking to the audience, I think that through editing some of the ‘crane’ ‘long’ and ‘high angles’ shots contributed in making some of the scences of this short movie as if watching it from an outsiders point of view eventhouth the girl was speaking to the audience. In some places in the film repetiion ot breaks in the scenes were used. This to me signified that the girl was actually trying to change the subject when anything became too personal I beleive; this also contributes to the fact that the character is made to look from the audiences point of view strong minded. The director uses this
    to there advantage by making some shots of the girl longer when she is talking about feelings or more personal things for example when her dad left her outside of a pub.

    Moreover throught the film little only subtle changes are made in the angle of shots of the girl. In places of the movie, some of the dialouge used seemed humorous to the audience – whether this was due to us steretyping the character or not but in some places some of the dialouge also was expected I beleive; this is until that is, that the story line changes to where the girl talks about “getting better at hiding things” and throws what seems to be a baby into the canal. However differently to the rest of the movie I beleive, the camera shot changes and takes a high angle of the scene. This i think is used to position the canal in the center of the shot and therefore making it the focus of the frame. Also from this high view of the girl it makes her look more vulnerable from the audiences point of view and also makes her seem small – this a total difference from the front that is portrayed throughout the video.

  2. Mr Heald says:

    “In some places in the film repetiion ot breaks in the scenes were used. This to me signified that the girl was actually trying to change the subject when anything became too personal I beleive; this also contributes to the fact that the character is made to look from the audiences point of view strong minded.”

    Thanks for your contribution, Samson (where’s everyone else??). Can you elaborate on your comment above, please? I think you’ve made a good point that I hadn’t thought of before, but I just want to be sure what you mean by ‘repetition or/of (?) breaks in the scenes’.

  3. Lauren says:

    I agree with Samson!
    I thought this videowas more interesting than the Glosoli.
    I found that there was more to talk about than the Glosoli!such as the way the camera shots were shown and how they kept going back to flashbacks from her recent life!

    And i will post my review on the Glosoli when i get chance to!

  4. Tom says:

    I disagree with Lauren. I think Glosoli is much more interesting as you are not limited by speech and therefore everyone can draw their own individual meanings from Glosoli and there are many possible meanings to write about.

  5. Samson says:

    I diasagree with Thomas. Do you think that there may be a possibitlity to get distracted by the surrealism and fantasy in the video? I thought this whilst watching the video, yes – the video may seem interesting but behind the various camera angles, colour changes, costumes and props – you have to find a meaning or explanation for certain aspects of the video; and this is where I became confused and unfocused on what we were asked about. This is why I beleive that the Video about a Girl is more interesting as I can more or less pick out a more true conclusion or should I say explanation for this video. Glosoli to me I believe is a directors way of masking over a terriable monotonous song and by using various methods of distaction. If any does dissagree please let me know :p !!!!!!

  6. Tom says:

    ‘you have to find a meaning or explanation for certain aspects of the video; and this is where I became confused and unfocused on what we were asked about’

    This is what i like the most about this film, the fact that there is no correct answer to its meaning and intention. You have to think for yourself and decide what the meanings and explanations are and so it is much more interesting and can be analysed much more thoroughly. As so many different meanings can be drawn from this piece of film i think that written work about it can be more varied and interesting as everyone does see it in a diverse way.

    The reason that i prefer ‘Glosoli’ rather than ‘About a Girl’ is that, ‘I can more or less pick out a more true conclusion’ while an exact opposite can be said for ‘Glosoli’.

  7. Samson says:

    But there is no stisfaction out of just making up a meaning I think. You could make up a meaning for anything but that is not going to get you anywhere is it? And if there is no ‘meaning or intention’ to the film Golosi – then why would the director spend time putting the details into the film – even though this is a contradiction to my first post??

  8. Samson says:

    …agree to diagree then!?

  9. Tom says:

    …its a deal!

  10. Mr Heald says:

    Way to go, guys!

    The discussion you’re having here actually cuts to the core of some of the most significant debates in the field of English /
    Media / Cultural Studies, and indeed the philosophy of aesthetics and meaning. Where does the ‘meaning’ of a text reside? Is it in the text itself? In the mind / intentions of its creator(s)? In the response of the reader/viewer? I think any useful answer (from our point of view, at least) has to take account of each of these views.

    So when Samson says “But there is no stisfaction out of just making up a meaning I think”, I can sympathise up to a point, but the idea is not to simply make up a meaning, but to develop an interpretation supported by a coherent reading of the text that is based on as much understanding as possible of the formal ‘rules’ of the text, and how it links to the knowledge and experience of the reader / viewer. For me, the Glosoli video taps into a deep strand of myth, fantasy and legend. I wouldn’t want to pin a very specific interpretation on it (like that it’s about Jesus, or whatever). Instead I feel it evokes powerful emotions connected to notions such as childhood innocence, the power of dreams, the longing for experiences of transcendence, and so on. I feel the video (and the music ) convey to me a heady cocktail of joy and pathos.

    I’m sorry, Samson, that you thought it was a terrible monotonous song. My wife can’t stand it when I put Sigur Ros on, either! However, do you think you let your personal dislike of the music interfere with your evaluation of the video? Do you really think that someone would take on the job of directing the video, and put an immense amount of time and creative energy into making the film just to act as a distraction from the music? Given how closely and carefully the video has been made to match the tempo and mood of the music that seems implausible to say the least.

    Anyhow I’m enjoying the discussion. Let’s try and raise the bar a bit and get into the analysis and interpretation of details.

  11. karly says:

    i think that both of the video’s were good, and both can have alot said about, however i think that the ‘about a girl’ video is more personal and intimate in comparison with the ‘glosoli’ video because it focuses on just one person as opposed to the group of children in the other. i dont know which video i prefer as i like them both, but i think that the ‘about a girl’ video is more like a diary entry than a documentary type thing. i like the music video because it shows different meanings and interpretations and is open to discussion because of its many faces, but i have to agree with samson to a certain extent as it is quite repetative in the music side.

  12. Jen says:

    Although I have not seen “About a Girl”, I believe that the Glossoli video is significant in the fact that everything that is is the film is important and has to have a meaning. It is interesting to try and interpret the director and Sigur Ros’ ideas when they were composing the piece because as we have seen in class, people take different meanings away after they have seen the video. Every last detail has it’s own importance in the video and it is interesting to see what they could mean.

  13. manu says:

    wow lovley little debate there by tom and samson. I think that the glossoli video it much more sophisticated with the skills of film making and editing, however might not apeal all that well with most people in the group. I find, its alot more difficult to inturperate the meaning and significance of the editing, acting, and directors chioces on how to create the film. while “about a girl” appeals more to our age group.I think this because the story itslelf is easier to understand and interperate, because its set in modern england were we all live! further more, the film “about a girl” has plenty of dialouge while the glossoli video must be inturpreted purley on what you see on the screen.

  14. Philippa says:

    As Emmanuel said, I feel that the “About a Girl” video appeals much more to our age group. This is because the issues that the girl approaches, such as her parents divorce/separation. I’m sure there are a few people in the class who can relate to the character’s situation. In addition, the issue that the character feels as if she is treated too much like a child may seem relevant for some of the class who are the youngest children in their families, such as I. Also, because this film has speech rather than music, we can understand easier about the general plot of the film.
    Also, as the film is set in the present day, the language is very similar to how youths today speak, therefore, this film feels more relevant to us.
    Whereas, in the “Glosoli” film, i do not feel as if i can relate to the characters because a lot of them do not seem to be from the present day.
    Also, as we cannot understand the music, it is harder for us to interpret the music because it is in another language.
    Therefore, I must agree that the film “About a Girl” is a lot more relevant to our class because i personally feel that, because we can relate to some of the raised issues, our class would be able to interpret this film better than the “Glosoli” film.

  15. Cassandra says:

    I agree with samson to a certain extent! I think that ,’About a gir’ is much more interesting to watch. I also think that it will appeal to the group much more than, ‘Glosoli’ becuase it is more realistic and you don’t have to pick your way through it to find it’s meaning. Also, Tv now a days is mostly reality Tv and I, myself prefer to watch soaps and more realistic programmes. However Realistic films like, ‘About a girl’ provide you with little to discuss and think about since all the evidence and meaning is spoon fed to you. ‘Glosoli’ gives you much more to think about and has an open meaning.
    In responce to the point that Philippa made, ‘About a Girl is a lot more relevant to our class,’ i disagree completely! I think that the story line for, ‘About a girl’ draws you away from things like mise-en-scene and makes you focus more on the girl’s traumatic life.

  16. manu says:

    WHAT?!?!?! i TOTALY disagree with cass, “about a girl” draws u towards mis-en-scene, the focus is on the girl mainly on the center on the screen, and the finishing shot, the crane shot, shows the girl on the far right walking away from the viewer with the river in the centre of the screen. signifying f what she has just done. admitatly (like i said before) it is not as sophisticated in the art of film making as glossi, however! by beocming more simple, and understandable, (in my point of view) shows a great a greater significence to the story line, than the glossi video, which in my point of view again, just tries far too hard with the special effects and what not. and cass! what can you relate to more? a story scene set in englad, or a buunch of kids runnin round a place we dont even know, and then flies of a cliff?

  17. Catherine F says:

    I agree with cassandra!

    I thought that the girl’s story was more relevant and more appealing to us as she was of a similar age and the fact that her story was more current and more realistic inrelation to our modern society.

    However, i feel that the editing and mise en scene… reinforce her story as apose to her story shadowing them. for instense the countrast between the series of jump shots when she is “mouthing off” and the sweeping shot when she is quite timidly sat outside of the pub!

    Catherine F

  18. manu says:

    erm cathrine… cass said it was LESS relevent!

  19. manu says:

    FUTHER MORE!!! about a girl is set in a more realistic environement!! and something that can actually happen and has probably happened to some people, i prefer this to a sureal, fantasy like in the glosoli video

  20. Cassandra says:

    Manu, I disagree with your point, ‘just tries far too hard with the special effects and what not.’ There are hardley complicated special effects in, ‘Glosoli.’
    I can relate to, ‘About a Girl’ more, that is the very reason i prefer it. But then again ‘Glosoli,’ has hidden ways for us to find in which we can relate to it. E.g. being a kid with an imagination that has no boundaries and being care-free. I think that this would appeal to other people more, over being caught up in another fictional character’s worries.

  21. manu says:

    hmm well u do have a point which addmitatly it did give me an inturpertation of the glosoli video and thank you! HOOWEVER! its too…make believe for my liking(kids flying, liek come on!). i perfer somthing more realistic and relevent to real life situations.perhaps the making of golosi was more advanced, but still like i said before, having a rough edgy camera, but its simple things like that that realy grab my attetion. golosi just doesn click for me. and there are too many special effects! like i said, kids flying!, the fog, in some parts the camera was actually in the grass(not a special effect) but i just think its just not neccersery! and the yellow backround..etc! just tries too hard i think.

  22. Emma-Louise says:

    I think it’s good in the way that it plays up on your sympathy in the beginning, and then at the end it puts in a that twist at the end. 🙂

  23. lizzie lang says:

    I agree with manu, about a girl attracts me alot more than the ‘glosoli’ music video. This is because I find it annoying that there is no actual meaning to the video, just are thoughts and points of view. I do actually like this video, its just that asking questions when the answer is unknown frustrates me. Where as ‘about a girl’ has a clearer story line, and it relates more to me personally.

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